Material specifications for Editorial submissions

The Article

PetroMin, Hydrocarbon Asia, PetroMin-Pipeliner magazines are technology-based journals. Your article should describe your process, equipment or service from a technical approach, with minimal reference to the company. We want to help you market your product or service, the product or service itself should market your company. Extensive use of the company name or the use of superlatives (such as ‘the greatest’, ‘the best’, ‘the world leader’, etc.,) will be edited out. Do not go into deeply scientific, mathematical descriptions of a service or product, unless it is necessary to present your product or service adequately. Please note that we do not accept articles, which have been previously presented on other magazines, as they are copyrighted by the publisher/s.

The text document, preferably in Word format, can be submitted by e-mail as an attachment, but should not include any embedded graphs, charts or pictures. These should be submitted as separate TIFF, JPEG, PowerPoint or Excel files. Alternatively, it can be sent on 1.44 MB floppy disk, Zip disk or on Compact Disk (CD). Where necessary, the graphics files should be WinZipped before sending, to reduce file sizes.

The article must not be submitted as a PDF file, as it is not suitable for further processing to fit the editorial layout of our magazines. PDF files will not be accepted.


When sending graphics, especially composite images and most especially as EPS files, please make sure you include ALL original images and any special fonts, if used. Although we have a comprehensive library of fonts, we may not have the one you use. If not included, we will use the best possible matching font from our library.

Please note: As a graphic (chart, table, etc.,) on a computer screen, 10 pt font size may be fine, but reduced to fit on a magazine page, text frequently becomes unreadable. Please make sure your text is readable!

Please do not embed graphics of any kind into the text document. You should indicate the point of insertion within the text, but send graphics separately. We need 300 dpi (150 screen lines) resolution images for adequate reproduction. Most Web images, and those embedded in Word as Metafiles are only 72 to 75 dpi, too low a resolution for good reproduction.

Files less than 10 MB should be zipped and sent as an attachment with your e-mail to us. Extra large files (more than 10 MB) should be uploaded through FTP site. You should also send an e-mail to the recipient for further instruction and transfer. Apply for permission to upload by e-mailing contact and file size.

Other information

The programs we use are PageMaker, PhotoShop, Freehand, CorelDraw, Excel, PowerPoint and we can accept files in these formats or any program format that these programs can translate. We cannot handle Quark XPress, Visio or AutoCAD files.

If you are using Y2K versions of any program, please save them as Office 2000 level files or equivalent. Our editorial computers are predominantly IBM platform, although we do use Macs, but solely for layout. Do not send text documents in Mac format

To view our Guideline, Terms and conditions regarding articles approved for presentation in our publications, Please click here .

Please send in your Editorial by email

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